[PRESS RELEASE] New COVID-19 Disclosure Feature Announced for MuniPOINTS

Enhancements to DPC DATA’s flagship MuniPOINTS product enable users to identify and screen for COVID-19 related disclosures at the individual CUSIP level with accuracy and confidence.

DPC DATA (, Roseland, NJ, announced new functionality within its MuniPOINTS product designed to identify and highlight all municipal disclosure documents related to the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the next few weeks, the company will implement a new feature to flag all relevant COVID-19 documents. This will allow users to identify and screen for such disclosures at the individual CUSIP level.

COVID-19 Disclosure flag is new MuniPOINTS feature

With the MuniPOINTS COVID-19 Disclosure Flag, financial advisors, broker-dealers, and other users will be able, at the point of sale, to communicate efficiently and with increased confidence to their clients about pandemic-related filings. In addition, the Flag enables municipal bond investors to use MuniPOINTS and MuniGUARD News to track the pandemic’s impact on their own portfolio holdings.

This feature is being made available exclusively to DPC DATA’s MuniPOINTS clients as part of their current subscriptions. Users can get early access to the Flag by contacting their representative at DPC DATA or by emailing

Rising Demand for Effective COVID-19 Disclosure Tracking

The COVID-19 Disclosure Flag comes in response to strong demand from DPC’s clients for an effective tool to track the pandemic’s potentially severe impact on the fiscal/financial condition of municipal issuers. “While the MSRB has been helpful in posting aggregated COVID-19 disclosure data on its EMMA site, ours is the first and only tool available that allows market participants to flag COVID-19 related disclosures at the individual bond level,” says Ken Hoffman, President of DPC DATA.

Hoffman further notes, “Although MSRB filings may mention ‘COVID’ in their headlines, we found many instances where the material event had nothing to do with the pandemic. The COVID-19 Disclosure Flag builds on DPC’s proprietary and proven workflows which allow us to drill further into the data. As a result, we can identify and tag only those disclosures which are truly COVID-based.”

The COVID-19 flag feature is part of DPC DATA’s continuing strategy to roll out product enhancements based on client feedback, as well as market conditions, to stay in tune with client needs.


DPC DATA has served the municipal bond marketplace with disclosure information and solutions since 1992. The company was a pioneer in developing solutions for the municipal securities lifecycle. DPC was one of the original SEC-designated Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories (NRMSIRs). Today, DPC DATA helps clients who sell or manage fixed income products get the scrubbed, accurate, and actionable data they need, in streamlined workflows, so that they can manage risk, improve productivity, sell more, and avoid regulatory penalties.

More than 100,000 professionals at leading brokerage, clearing, and advisory firms use DPC DATA products. For more information about DPC DATA visit

DPC DATA’s MuniPOINTS helps firms comply with MSRB Rules G-17, G-19, and G-47 more easily. MuniPOINTS condenses “just the facts” into an easy-to-read brief that streamlines the user’s municipal bond disclosure compliance and sales processes. The most popular DPC DATA information product, MuniPOINTS documents are concise, descriptive summaries of municipal bond issues. Indexed by CUSIP, they include bullet-pointed text, excerpted directly from the official statements, with no analytic content. In addition, a click-through feature provides links to all underlying disclosure documents via MuniDOCSOnline, as well as the latest news related to the bond on MuniGUARD News.

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