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The DPC DATA executive team is known for leadership in building and delivering digital information solutions for the fixed income marketplace. We are backed by a team of dedicated professionals in tune with market needs, plus over 70 analysts obsessed with data quality and accuracy.

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We believe in helping our clients in the fixed income marketplace make wiser decisions and avoid penalties. Clients who sell or manage fixed income products come to us to get the scrubbed, accurate and actionable data they need, in streamlined workflows, so that they can manage risk, improve productivity, sell more, and avoid regulatory fines.

Data is important to us (after all, DATA is in our name), that’s why we work with clients who care about how they get their municipal data. They’re concerned with data integrity and need “clean” data – and they’re not the “check the box” types. They know working with us is a competitive advantage and an asset when it comes to managing risk.

Our exacting database standards

At the center of DPC DATA's municipal data and solutions lies an obligor identity code system that links over 87,000 obligors to more than 4.8 million CUSIPs. Unlike other information providers’ issuer-based databases, this system uniquely enables us to accurately index CUSIPs to all historical secondary market filings for an obligor. Speaking of filings, we have them…and more.

Our indexing and tagging processes make it easy to access the most comprehensive collection of municipal documents available. Our industry-leading product delivery infrastructure supports nearly 1.2 million Material Event Notices, 780,000 Financials, and over 300,000 Official Statements. Since 2011, our database also contains over 600,000 obligor-relevant news articles licensed from hundreds of local and regional publications.

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Over 70

Analysts committed to data quality & accuracy


Employees across 2 locations

Our Database

Unique Obligor & Issuer-based Methodology



over 4.8 Million


1.4 Million

Material Event Notices

1.3 Million

Continuing Disclosures


Official Statements


Obligor-relevant news articles

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In 1992, the DPC DATA team set out to improve how the municipal bond market managed its paper documents. Indexing and linking documents to CUSIPs created efficiencies in how these documents were disseminated, stored and consumed.

You might say we were the first “green” company.

We developed a few simple tools, utilizing 1990s state-of-the-art technology, to organize and search those documents. The market took notice and our business began to grow, one CD ROM at a time.

By 1997, as a newly minted SEC-designated NRMSIR, we were tasked with finding a better way to organize and share hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation so market participants could more easily access information about the financial health of municipal securities issuers. The mountains of official statements, material event and continuing disclosure statements appearing on our doorstep each day didn’t daunt us. We rolled up our sleeves and built innovative technologies and databases to scan, digitize, store, access, search, and share Terabytes of critical market documents.

Our reputation as a well-respected repository for the municipal bond market grew. As the need for NRMSIRs evolved to the all-electronic, centralized EMMA platform, we maintained our finger on the pulse of regulatory requirements for market transparency.

Responding to the challenges of the Pandemic, we launched COVID Disclosure Flags for MuniPOINTS in July 2020. This feature offered an alternative to MSRB’s automated text analysis and enabled users to identify and screen for COVID-19 related disclosures at the individual CUSIP level with accuracy and confidence.

Post-pandemic, we continue our client-centric approach to new product development. In July 2022, we officially launched MuniCREDIT Solutions to offer comprehensive and affordable municipal credit data to credit analysts and portfolio managers. This portfolio rapidly grew to include MuniCREDIT Online, MuniESG scores, MuniCREDIT Financials, and MuniCREDIT Mapping. In 2024, we rebranded MuniESG to MuniCLIMATE to better reflect our solution’s primary focus on climate risk as a credit risk factor vs other sustainability issues.

Today, our products provide solutions for:






DPC DATA continues to innovate in response to client and market needs:

DPC DATA appointed Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repository (NRMSIR) by the SEC.
MuniPOINTS fact sheet launched for compliance in conjunction with the requirements of SEC Rule 15c2-12 and related MSRB rules governing disclosure.
MuniDOCS and MuniGuardPro introduced for firms looking to customize the disclosure information provided by DPC DATA.
MuniGUARD News released in response to expanded definitions of regulatory disclosure compliance associated with FINRA Notice 10-41.
Filings Summary launched out of collaboration with market participants following the Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation (MCDC) Initiative related to underwriter due-diligence.
MuniTRADEVIEW for Best Ex unveiled for compliance with MSRB Rule G-18 requiring brokers / dealers to use reasonable diligence to ensure that a resulting trade price to a customer is as favorable as possible under prevailing market conditions.
COVID Disclosure Flags added to MuniPOINTS, enabling users to identify and screen for COVID-19 related disclosures at a glance.
MuniCREDIT Solutions and MuniESG Solutions introduced to provide financial, operating and ESG data to credit analysts & portfolio managers. MuniCREDIT Online launches, providing these data streams on-demand, in a streamlined format.