Climate Risk Scoring for Local Governments & School Districts

Online event on Nov 18 presents new methodology from DPC DATA and Spatial Risk Systems to score climate risk at the individual Obligor level for local government, school districts.

The potential impact of climate change is a rising concern for both municipal bond issuers and buyers. A recent Bond Buyer survey showed that fully 73% of respondents rated “Environmental” factors as “critical” or “very important”.

While the Environmental and Physical Risk components of Climate Change (e.g., proximity to EPA Supersites, flood or wildfire risk, etc.) are fairly well-understood, the potential cost of achieving a zero-carbon goal within the next 30 years can also be a daunting fiscal challenge for most U.S. local governments. This Carbon Transition liability is a massive one for the U.S., potentially rivaling the unfunded public pension liability in size.

Although there has been a proliferation of climate-related data sources for corporations, no data source has been able to take into account the multiplicity and complexity of municipal obligors and their security structures and connect the climate, environmental, and socio-economic risk factors to these entities. Until now…

DPC Data and Spatial Risk Systems (SRS), a pioneer in geo-spatial data research, have partnered to introduce
a methodology for scoring the financial impact of Climate Risk on local governments and school districts, at the individual Obligor level.

Please join us – and come prepared with your questions – as we explore how to:

  • Assess the potential credit impact of Climate Risk, taking into account each local government’s
    fiscal resources.
  • Assess the three different aspects of Climate Change Risk: Environmental Risk, Physical Risk and Carbon Transition Risk.
  • Relate Climate Change scores to the actual fiscal resources of each local entity for proper context.
  • Access this critical new risk management tool on DPC DATA’s comprehensive municipal credit data platform, with its unique Obligor/Sector mapping methodology.

Climate risk scoring webinar

Meet Our Experts

Climate risk experts

Triet Nguyen, Vice President, Strategic Data Operations, DPC DATA. Triet taps into his credit expertise
to help design and execute innovative data and analytics solutions for all municipal market participants, both
on the sell side and buy side. He is known as a high yield/distressed municipal bond expert and a pioneer
in the development of research workflow solutions and credit scoring models for municipals. He has also
been an ardent proponent of greater data transparency in the municipal market.

Raymond Clarke, Chief Product Officer, Spatial Risk Systems. Ray has invaluable experience in developing data product lines and turning data investments into robust business results. This expertise has allowed him to create best-in-class data management and workflow capabilities to drive organizational growth, analyze market dynamics, and deliver leading-edge products.

Ken Zockoll, Founder & CEO, Spatial Risk Systems. Ken is a Data Science professional with over
25 years of experience in delivering value and driving innovation in the global financial services sector.

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