[CASE STUDY] MuniPOINTS® for Financial Advisors

MuniPOINTS® Enables Financial Advisors to Sell More Muni Bonds While Providing Appropriate Disclosure to Clients

MuniPOINTS is the financial advisor’s Cliff Notes

Financial advisors (FAs) provide their clients with planning and advice on a variety of investment products. Adding municipal bonds to a client portfolio can be challenging for FAs who don’t specialize in munis and may not be familiar with the various bond issues. Plus, the research is time consuming. FAs must review lengthy official statements, continuing disclosures and material events. Then they must extract relevant facts, and package all this information to present to their clients. All this while complying with all relevant regulations.

“Clients tell us that our MuniPOINTS solution is like Cliff Notes – meaning FAs have the ability to get the municipal bond information they need easily, in a quick-read report. This enables FAs to communicate bond characteristics and answer their clients’ questions more effectively. MuniPOINTS works seamlessly with their trading systems. As a result, FAs can get what they need with a click of a button.” – Ken Hoffman, President, DPC DATA

A quicker and easier way to sell munis – and stay in compliance

DPC DATA’s MuniPOINTS offers financial advisors:

Streamlined bond sales process. MuniPOINTS is simple to use, so FAs can get needed information and move through the bond sales process more quickly. MuniPOINTS condenses “just the facts” about municipal bond issues into an easy-to-read document that offers rapid understanding of bond characteristics and an easy comparison of different issues.  What’s more, MuniPOINTS gives FAs easy access to real-time trading activity, relevant news, disclosure documents, and material events reporting.

Smart, “Cliff Notes” reports. Indexed by CUSIP, MuniPOINTS has a user-friendly format that allows advisors to communicate and answer client questions easily.

Easy desktop access.With MuniPOINTS seamlessly integrated into third-party trading platforms including Tradeweb Direct, ICE BondPoint, TMC Bonds, and Broadridge, FAs can easily access the bond information they need on their desktops with a click of a button. MuniPOINTS is also available via Web portal or can be integrated with proprietary trading systems.

Verified data they can trust.DPC DATA’s team of 30+ analysts process bond disclosure documents, clean, validate, and standardize information – then extract key details.

Easier compliance with disclosure obligations. Financial advisors can more easily conduct their due diligence for bond recommendations because MuniPOINTS aids in complying with MSRB Rules D-15, G-17, G-19, and G-47. In addition, each MuniPOINTS report can be printed, emailed, or downloaded as a pdf. Moreover, the report is automatically stored to provide an audit trail for compliance.

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