Advances in Tech event offered first look at MuniCREDIT Online

Bond Buyer online demo showcased trailblazing innovations in municipal finance

Muni leaders are always looking for creative ways to navigate the markets and design innovative deals. Right now, new tech is generating opportunities and solutions — and shaping the future of the industry. At this first Advances in Tech online event for the municipal bond industry, DPC DATA president Ken Hoffman demonstrated MuniCREDIT Online, our newest offering in the MuniCREDIT Solutions product suite.

Watch the demo by clicking the photo below.

Advances in Tech - MuniCREDIT Online

Advances in Tech demo recap

With MuniCREDIT Online, on-demand access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of municipal financial data is here!
Ken discussed the industry’s financial data challenges and demonstrate how MuniCREDIT Online enables users to:
  • Access frequently updated financial and operating data for 22,000+ active municipal Obligors.
  • Review the last four years of credit-relevant data and ratios.
  • Generate white-labeled financial data reports in PDF format to email to your clients.
  • Output data as a CSV and combine it with other data sets for further analysis.

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