[ARTICLE] AI and the Municipal Bond Market: Got Data?

In his Forbes article on AI, data availability, and the muni bond market, Barnet Sherman highlights DPC DATA's expertise with muni data.

AI and the Municipal Bonds Market: Got Data?

The municipal bond market is teeming with data, ranging from trade details and financial reports to bond offering documents and sector-specific operational figures. In his article about AI, data availability, and the municipal bond market, Barnet Sherman highlights DPC DATA’s expertise:


DPC DATA, founded in 1992, boasts 30 years of disclosure data for all active municipal issuers and at least five years of financial data on around 25,000 obligors. Since municipal bond issuers and obligors can be complex given there are both municipal entities that issue bonds directly, like the City of New York, and ‘conduit issuers’, like the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, who issue bonds on behalf of other municipal or non-profit entities, DPC strives to normalize and organize the data. It is the correct labelling and taxonomy of the data that is key to assuring its quality and, by extension, making it more consumable—and scalable. Once the framework is established, the cost to add more data is minimal. Correspondingly, DPC offers a variety of data-based solutions including credit, disclosure, geomapping, and climate risk scoring, backed by ever increasing amounts of updated data.