ESG Data Now Available in MuniCREDIT Solutions

This municipal data breakthrough gives market participants climate risk scoring for local governments and school districts. Developed by Spatial Risk Systems, a leading spatial finance firm.

Struggling to find robust and actionable ESG data?

The global trend toward Sustainable Investing has caught up with the municipal bond market. Interest in Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) related data is at an all-time high. Yet many market participants feel overwhelmed by the abundance of real-world data and want a real analytical framework to help them make sense of it all. They also seek a simple scoring system to support their investment decisions.

Introducing: DPC DATA’s New ESG Data Platform

  • Allows credit analysts and risk managers to perform combined analysis of financial and climate risk factors on the same platform
  • Features top ESG Subject Matter Experts collaborating with DPC as the best-in-class Data Vendor to offer meaningful ESG data solutions
  • Is fully integrated with our MuniCREDIT Solutions product suite

Our first ESG Solution: Climate Risk Scores for Local Governments & School Districts

  • Environmental Risk, specifically Climate Risk, is top-of-mind for municipal market participants
  • 73% of respondents in a recent Bond Buyer survey rated “Environmental Risk” as “critical” or “very important”
  • Developed in partnership with Spatial Risk Systems (“SRS”), a leading spatial finance firm
  • Data can be accessed through a data feed or through our MuniCREDIT Online web portal

Key features of DPC/SRS Climate Risk Scoring

  • Full transparency with regard to data sources and methodology
  • Based on the most current data available (2020)
  • Risk scores are relative rankings versus State or National peer groups, on a scale of 1-10
    (low-to-high risk)
  • Includes key ratios combining climate and financial factors to allow users to compare the potential climate exposure to the economic and fiscal resources of the reference local entity
  • All risk scores are mapped to the individual CUSIP9 level (individual bonds)
  • Includes scores for environmental risk, climate impact, carbon transition risk, social vulnerability, social resilience. Also includes an overall SRS Score.

Our MuniCREDIT Solutions suit a variety of credit-related needs

  • Complete CUSIP-Obligor-Sector mapping for all outstanding U.S. municipal securities based on our proprietary mapping methodology
  • Financial and Operating Data for over 20,000 distinct Obligors
  • Custom Financial Data Reports

MuniCREDIT Solutions have minimal restrictions on data usage. Data feeds and API access are available for web and machine learning applications, and web-based access through


DPC DATA believes in helping our clients in the fixed income industry make wiser decisions and avoid compliance penalties by providing scrubbed, accurate and actionable data via solutions that offer a balance of quality, reliability and price.

DPC DATA’s MuniCREDIT Solutions portfolio is built on:

  • Over 25 years of innovative, market-driven data solutions
  • An analyst team with over 250 years of combined Muni Data experience
  • Solutions developed in partnership with experienced credit analysts and other power users
  • Extensive distribution platform already in place
  • Independent, platform-agnostic data offerings

To learn more about DPC DATA’s MuniCREDIT Solutions, contact your DPC DATA representative or email

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