[Podcast] Ken Hoffman appears on BDA’s “Bonding Time”

Company president Ken Hoffman talks about DPC DATA's history, its new Obligor mapping tool, and DPC's variety of services and products for Muni Bond Dealers on Bond Dealers of America's "Bonding Time" podcast.

Among the Bonding Time podcast highlights:

DPC DATA was EMMA before there was an EMMA. As an SEC-designated NRMSIR in 1997, we were tasked with finding a better way to organize and share hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation so market participants could more easily access information about the financial health of municipal securities issuers. Read more about our history.

DPC continues to be client-centric. We listen to our clients, then innovate in response to client and market needs.

Our new mapping tool addresses shortcomings of data in the market today. We have developed over 100 templates so users can now do effective analysis, comparing “like to like.” Our new methodology identifies the true obligor of a bond issue and links it to the appropriate sector and CUSIP-9s.

Our mapping tool save analysts time and can be used in a variety of workflows — from portfolio analysis, to gauging exposure, building more relevant comparables, and model portfolio building. Compliance with investment diversification rules and matching trading levels with underlying credit are also key benefits.

Growth for DPC DATA will come from addressing the untapped need for filling the financial data gap. DPC will offer an integrated approach and plug into clients’ existing applications. Our solutions will be delivered via APIs or data feeds, depending on client needs.

Our MuniPOINTS product features a COVID-19 disclosure feature. We’ve learned from utilizing this feature that not every disclosure is actually COVID related, just because COVID is mentioned in the documentation.

Listen to BDA’s Bonding Time podcast now.

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