[PRESS RELEASE] Leading Data and Technology Company DPC DATA Tailored MuniPOINTS Solution Now Available to Fidelity Customers

Fidelity’s millions of customers now have instant access to all DPC DATA information affecting municipal bonds to help them be better informed as investors.

December 4th, 2019

DPC DATA, Roseland, NJ, announced it has signed a new agreement with Fidelity Investments®, for provision of DPC’s municipal information. DPC DATA ( tailored its MuniPOINTS information product to provide faster access to up-to-the minute local and regional news that could make a financial advisor or investor aware of a potential material event prior to it occurring.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a market leader like Fidelity to configure our products to give their customers actionable data and insights they need about municipal bonds,” said Ken Hoffman, President, DPC DATA. “Our highly accurate indexing and tagging processes make it easy for our clients to access the most comprehensive collection of municipal news and disclosure-related documents available.”

“Fidelity’s millions of customers now have instant access to all information affecting municipal bonds to help them be better informed as investors,” said Richard Carter, vice president of Fixed Income Products and Services at Fidelity. “DPC DATA has unique tools that display verified primary and secondary market filings, extracts key information verbatim from every Official Statement, and is a top source for local and regional municipal bond news.”

User-Friendly, Integrated Material Event Information

George Adjami, DPC’s Vice President, Sales, commented on another key DPC, MuniPOINTS feature: “Ready access to past and present news is a big part of our offering. Since the articles we provide are licensed content, our clients will always have access to each article’s original text and won’t have to worry about being blocked by any pay walls or losing access if an article is removed from the source website.”

Increased Awareness of Important Issuer Disclosures

DPC’s industry-leading product delivery infrastructure supports nearly 1.2 million Material Event Notices, 780,000 Financials, and more than 370,000 Official Statements. Since 2011, the DPC database also contains more than 600,000 obligor-relevant news articles licensed from thousands of local and regional publications.

“Our clients get an increased awareness and access to important issuer and obligor information. Only DPC can provide such a tremendous opportunity to get in-depth insights about the bonds they’re investing in,” noted Hoffman.

About DPC DATA and its tailored MuniPOINTS solution

DPC DATA has served the municipal bond marketplace with disclosure information and solutions since 1992. The company was a pioneer in developing solutions for the municipal securities lifecycle. DPC was one of the original SEC-designated Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories (NRMSIRs). Today, DPC DATA helps clients who sell or manage fixed income products get the scrubbed, accurate, and actionable data they need, in streamlined workflow, so that they can manage risk, improve productivity, sell more, and avoid regulatory penalties.

DPC DATA products are used by more than 100,000 professionals at leading brokerage, clearing, and advisory firms. For more information about DPC DATA visit

DPC DATA’s MuniPOINTS helps firms comply with MSRB Rules G-17, G-19, and G-47 more easily. MuniPOINTS condenses “just the facts” into an easy-to-read brief that streamlines the user’s municipal bond disclosure compliance and sales processes. The most popular DPC DATA information product, MuniPOINTS documents are concise, descriptive summaries of municipal bond issues. Indexed by CUSIP, they include bullet-pointed text, excerpted directly from the official statements, with no analytic content. In addition, a click-through feature provides links to all underlying disclosure documents via MuniDOCSOnline, as well as the latest news related to the bond on MuniGUARD News.

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