MuniGUARD Professional

Premier Municipal Bond Surveillance

The equivalent of a ‘corporate actions’ service for the municipal market, MuniGUARD Professional provides municipal bond surveillance for critical disclosure news. Delivered as a feed on a real time, intraday or end-of day basis, it tracks all official disclosure filings, including all material event notices for selected bonds or the entire marketplace.

Tracked notices include the following material events that may indicate troubled bonds:

  • Payment delinquencies
  • Non-payment, or ‘technical’, defaults
  • Unscheduled draws on debt service reserves
  • Unscheduled draws on credit enhancements

Leveraging DPC DATA’s comprehensive disclosure archive, every notification includes full descriptive information about the relevant bond, as well as optional download access to the filed document and all related disclosures including:

  • Related material event notices
  • Financial statement and operating data
  • Full official statements, plus advanced refunding documents and amendments
  • Ability to link materials events to related filings at the CUSIP®, issuer or obligor level

Customized delivery options are also available. For more information about MuniGUARD Professional, contact us at 800-996-4747 or

CUSIP is a registered trademark of the American Bankers Association.