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MuniCREDIT Financials

Your one-stop shop for consistent, reliable financial and operating data for the active Municipal Market

MuniCREDIT Financials solves four major Muni data problems

We know a consistent, reliable source of financial and operating data has been missing for the full, active Muni Market. We created MuniCREDIT Financials because our underwriter and portfolio management clients needed help with these data challenges:

Incomplete Data Sets

If you’re like many of our clients, you’re typically stuck with subscribing to multiple data vendors who have different data sets. As a result, you

  • Rely on complicated rules to determine when to use each data set;
  • Combine vendor data and fill in the gaps as best you can;
  • Spend too much time, effort, and IT resources on data collection.

Too many coverage gaps

To complicate things even further, some vendors offer their data on proprietary platforms. This often means you

  • Face major restrictions on data use;
  • Can’t take data off the platform to bring it in-house;
  • Wind up with many coverage gaps;
  • Can’t maintain a consistent data set across your business operations.

Few data templates used

Once you’ve assembled the data, you realize it doesn’t all make sense.

  • The Muni Market is complicated!
  • Most data vendors shoehorn all the data into one of two broad categories: General Obligations or Revenue.
  • Many of the Obligors in these categories have little in common — for instance, a Charter School Obligor and a Multi-Family Housing Obligor.

Infrequent data updates

Finally, you’re likely frustrated by how long it takes for data to be updated.

  • Data gets stale quickly.
  • You can’t always be sure you’re using the most up-to-date information.
  • Investment decisions suffer.

MuniCREDIT Financials key features

Financial and operating data collected

MuniCREDIT Financials brings together financial and operating data. We collect data regardless of accounting practice – GAAP or non-GAAP, we’ve got you covered.

We have a full team of analysts who do a double-blind capture and then a secondary team to QA the data. This process ensures data accuracy.

Platform-neutral data source

With MuniCREDIT Financials you are not locked into paying for another platform and its analytical or portfolio management capabilities to access the data you need. You have complete flexibility to feed the data into your current workflow, without any disruption.

Covers 25,000+ distinct Obligors

ALL active Obligors in the Market are covered, regardless of their size. This includes Issuers that are either Unrated or part of High Yield Sectors, such as Senior Living and Charter Schools.

Timely updates, as data is provided to the Market

Updates to data happen almost in real-time. Our goal is to get you updates on or near the same day the Financials are made public. Because timely data is essential in this market.

Customizable data formats

MuniCREDIT Financials is available as a data feed. We will provide you a historical file which includes the Full Financial Database, plus end-of-day update files. Alternatively, if a simple report is all you need, or you have limitations with IT integration, we can provide data in a Custom Financial Data Report. This can be white labelled and include your firm’s logo, if desired.

Data collection templates specific to Obligor Sectors

The Muni World is much more complicated, compared to the corporate world, when reviewing financial statements. That’s why we’ve invested time and effort to develop collection templates for different sectors.

Easier data comparisons

We have data templates to address the major differences in financials for Local GOs, School Districts, Development Districts, Housing, Education, and Healthcare. When you use our data, you will always be comparing apples to apples.

What’s more, many of our templates include 100 or more data elements. This is enough for you to calculate most of the financial ratios essential to your business.

Get a Sample MuniCREDIT Report

If you would like to see a sample of our Financial Data Collection for any particular obligor, or learn more about DPC DATA’s MuniCREDIT Financials solution, contact your DPC DATA representative or email sales@dpcdata.com.

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