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MuniCREDIT Online

Municipal Financial Data: On-Demand. Comprehensive.  Simple.

Get quick and easy access to DPC’s extensive database

Need ready access to financial and operating data for municipals but don’t need to integrate the data into in-house or proprietary analysis tools? Then MuniCREDIT Online may be the solution for you.

Part of our MuniCREDIT Solutions portfolio, MuniCREDIT Online gives you instant access to our comprehensive database of financial and operating data for 25,000+ Obligors. This database is built from data collection templates tailored for 100+ Sectors, based on our proprietary Obligor Identification and Sector Mapping Methodology. We identify the true Direct Obligor in each transaction – our only criterion is “Credit” – then re-map all Sector Classifications based on this identification. The work is conducted by our experienced credit research analysts – not technology staffers who don’t understand credit nuances.

What does all this mean for you? You no longer have to suffer through the problems you typically face with other data providers, such as:

  • Expensive or incomplete data sources
  • Too many data use restrictions
  • Big coverage gaps — especially for high yield sectors, bank-qualified and smaller issuers
  • Infrequent data updates
  • Too many sectors wedged into too few templates

Subscribe and get easy access to municipal credit data

With your MuniCREDIT Online subscription, you can easily conduct detailed credit analysis:

  • Access frequently updated Financial and Operating Data for all active municipal Obligors with On-Demand Access
  • Review the last four years of credit-relevant data and ratios
  • Generate white labeled Financial Data reports in PDF format to send to clients
  • Output data as a CSV and combine it with other data sets for further analysis

Optional Climate Scores

As an option, clients can add MuniCLIMATE Scores to their subscription. This enables users to analyze climate exposure in the context of the municipal issuer’s overall fiscal resources. We offer both historical and forward-looking climate data from our partners, so clients can get what they need for their decision-making processes.

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DPC DATA believes in helping our clients in the fixed income industry make wiser decisions and avoid penalties by providing scrubbed, accurate and actionable data via solutions that offer a balance of quality, reliability, and price.

The MuniCREDIT Solutions portfolio is built on:

  • Over 30 years of innovative, market-driven data solutions
  • An analyst team with over 250 years of combined Muni Data experience
  • Solutions developed in partnership with experienced credit analysts and other power users
  • Extensive distribution platform already in place
  • Independent, platform-agnostic data offerings

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