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Streamlined workflows and reduced risk for portfolio managers

Today, fund and asset managers need accurate, reliable information as they acquire and manage municipal bond portfolios. Good historical information and the closest news to the issuers and obligors are essential to manage credit risk.

DPC DATA’s solutions eliminate work for portfolio managers. Moreover, they deliver the information you need to stay on top of changing circumstances.

Pre-Purchase ResearchMuniPOINTS simplify primary research with bullet-pointed descriptions terms and key reference data, while MuniDOCS Online provide the full history of officially filed secondary disclosures in quick-to-download links.

Ongoing SurveillanceMuniGUARD Professional is the most comprehensive and customizable surveillance service available. It provides feeds of default-related material events as they are filed and other market events you may be tracking, all with the same care for validation and correct identification that is the DPC DATA hallmark.

Daily News TrackingMuniGUARD News is the only service that daily monitors more than 580 news sources, largely local and regional, filtering for items relevant to specific bonds and obligors to give you the earliest heads-up on emerging issues.

Seamless Integration – All DPC DATA solutions are designed to be provided through easy web-based access. Or, they can be integrated into your everyday workflow. Integration is rapid and highly customizable, providing alerts and CUSIP-linked access to the information you need.

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