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Compliance Managers

In a changing regulatory environment, compliance managers need good data

Your compliance processes are only as good as the data they’re built on. You can trust DPC DATA solutions to provide the accurate, scrubbed data required for due diligence and continuing disclosure – as well as an audit trail to support your compliance management efforts.

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Underwriter Due DiligenceFilings Summary is a premium research and reporting tool that quickly and accurately compiles a bond issuer’s disclosure history. It is an essential part of evaluating an issuer’s past reporting obligations over the last 5 years.

Point of Sale DisclosureMuniPOINTS concise bond descriptions streamline bond research and are easily shared with customers.  MuniDOCS Online offers access to current and historical official filings for both issue and obligor, even when filed under a new CUSIP.

Expanded DiscoveryMuniGUARD News gets dealers closer to emerging credit risk issues with timely and relevant news filtered from more than 580 local and regional news sources. These are not only linked to CUSIP but identified by relevancy.

Ongoing SurveillanceMuniGUARD Professional is the most comprehensive and customizable surveillance service available. It provides feeds of default-related material events as they are filed, plus other market events dealers may be tracking. All with the same care for validation and correct identification that is the DPC DATA hallmark.

Seamless Integration – All DPC DATA solutions are designed to fit into your everyday workflow. Integration is simple, rapid and CUSIP-linked in your trading and research systems.

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Compliance managers have a hard enough job. Find out how DPC DATA partners with you to help you meet your goals.

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