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Simplified Municipal Bond Disclosure and Client Communications

Your clients trust you as their financial advisor for fiduciary guidance and decisions, but obtaining comprehensive municipal bond disclosure information can be time-consuming, and you may not find what you need. DPC DATA’s disclosure solutions provide a full range of officially filed documents plus information products that simplify your workflow and give you an edge in tracking current news.

Financial advisors use our solutions to protect their clients’ interests and add value to the client relationship. Our solutions offer you:

Muni bond research

Before purchase, MuniPOINTS brief, bullet-pointed documents enable you, your portfolio managers and your clients to quickly grasp the key points of an offering statement, while MuniDOCSOnline provides fast download of secondary disclosure history for issues and obligors. Get more complete pre-trade information about bonds under consideration with MuniCREDIT Solutions.

Ongoing portfolio surveillance

MuniGUARD Professional keeps you on top of critical municipal bond disclosure filings, while MuniGUARD News tracks relevant news from local and regional publications, where default risks may show up early.

Improved client communications

All DPC DATA solutions make it easy to share municipal bond disclosure information with your clients by email or printed copy. You can instantly give them the information to make informed decisions and keep them educated about their portfolios.

Easy workflow integration

DPC DATA solutions are easily integrated into trading and portfolio management applications, or can be made available through Web interfaces. They can be made available “in context” to your everyday operations within days or weeks.

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Discover how DPC DATA professional solutions are helping financial advisors and back-office partners manage their transactions, portfolios and customer relations in the municipal market. For more information or a demonstration, please contact us at 800-996-4747 or sales@dpcdata.com.

Check out our resources page, to get the latest research, news, and case studies, plus our new VIEWS blog. Did you know we also offer solutions for compliance managersmuni bond dealers and portfolio managers?

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