Simplify Research and Municipal Bond Disclosure to Investors

No more flipping through lengthy official statements to extract the relevant facts. MuniPOINTS condenses “just the facts” into an easy-to-read brief that streamlines municipal bond disclosure compliance and your sales process.

The most popular information product from DPC DATA, MuniPOINTS documents are concise descriptive sheets on municipal bond issues. They contain bullet-pointed text, excerpted directly from the official statements with no analytic content.

Indexed by CUSIP, MuniPOINTS are quick to access and offer rapid understanding of bond characteristics, as well as easy comparison of different issues.

In addition, a click-through feature provides links to all underlying disclosure documents via MuniDOCSOnline, as well as the latest news related to the bond on MuniGUARD News.

Available to market professionals via a Web portal or integrated with your trading or portfolio management system, MuniPOINTS is also available through many of our platform-provider partners.

For more information and sample reports, visit or contact us to discuss access through your trading desk and other professional applications at 800-996-4747 or