MuniGUARD News

Timely Municipal Bond News from Hundreds of Sources

Getting lost behind the pile of newspapers you’re searching for municipal bond news? MuniGUARD News can help you take that pile down.

With MuniGUARD News, you not only get the news, but you see it long before it rises to national press attention. More than 580 local and regional publications, including three 2012 Pulitzer prize winners, are monitored, filtered and indexed daily for potential impact on credit quality. MuniGUARD News identifies the news you’re looking for.

MuniGUARD News was launched in late 2011 to address the expanding definitions of regulatory disclosure compliance associated with FINRA Notice 10-41. It was developed to the requirements of leading dealer and asset management firms. Today MuniGUARD News is the fastest growing disclosure compliance service from DPC DATA.

MuniGUARD News Screen Capture

At its core is the proprietary MuniGUARD News Relevancy Index, designed to capture stories relevant to specific CUSIPs and their obligors. The news is delivered in a user-friendly format that enables viewers to understand how and why the article was selected. A simple click on the article title link opens originating website.

For more information and a demonstration of how easily MuniGUARD News can be integrated into trading and portfolio management systems, contact us at 800-996-4747 or