DPC DATA Compliance Solutions

Easy to integrate. Easy to use. DPC DATA disclosure compliance solutions are best-practices in a streamlined package.

With intensified regulatory scrutiny on disclosure practices and expanding regulatory requirements for disclosure research, investment professionals face mounting complexity in meeting their obligations. DPC DATA simplifies these challenges.

In 20 years as the leading provider of municipal bond disclosure information and tools to investment professionals, DPC DATA has developed the most efficient disclosure solutions available and the most efficient means of delivery and integration. Auditable processes are designed to stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Today, hundreds of thousands of dealers, advisors and asset managers address their regulatory disclosure compliance with DPC DATA solutions built into their trading and portfolio management applications. Leading platform providers offer the “M link” at the CUSIP listing on their screens. Top-tier and regional dealers have integrated DPC DATA solutions into their proprietary applications in a matter of weeks.

This example shows the trading platform of our partner, TradeWeb. Access to disclosure information is literally at the click of the “M button.”

The first thing opened is MuniPOINTS, the brief fact sheet condensing key data from the final offering statement. From there, the user may access MuniDOCSOnline, the full collection of disclosure related to the bond and the obligor, and/or MuniGUARD News, the latest relevant news drawn from more than 580 local and regional publications.

DPC DATA also offers MuniGUARD Professional, an alert service for a portfolio or the entire market. Unlike other services, DPC DATA validates, cleans and indexes all income disclosure information, ensuring that filings are identified and associated correctly. For MuniGUARD Professional users, this means confidence they have the right information as fast as or faster than anyone in the market.

To learn more about how DPC DATA can eliminate complications and add crucial intelligence to your municipal bond workflow, contact us at 800-996-4747 or