End-to-End Transaction Review for Your Best Execution Process.


MuniTRADEVIEW is the result of the continued collaboration between the industry’s best compliance and trading professionals with the industry’s proven source for municipal disclosure solutions. A premium analytics and compliance reporting tool, MuniTRADEVIEW addresses an organization’s best execution requirements.

Developed with the factors established by regulators for “Best Execution,” MuniTRADEVIEW was designed to play an integral part in the Trader’s workflow, allowing them to realize if the best price or best choice was achieved for their customers.  At the same time, management is provided the ability to review transactions for compliance purposes in real-time.

Customers have access to real-time and historical Bid Wanted & Offer Data aggregated from the participating members of MBIS.  Users can compare a customer transaction price to over 125,000 daily market observations collected from secondary trading feeds.

mtv-screenshot-2Subscribers can review comparable securities data, which provides price discovery for less liquid securities. MuniTRADEVIEW can relate Comparable Securities to one another utilizing a confidence indicator to understand the correlation between the securities under review.

MuniTRADEVIEW goes on to solve the problem of documenting the rationale used for a trade by providing a trader’s notepad. A customizable compliance checklist can also be added, allowing a user to archive all of the steps taken to review a price at the time-of-trade.

Lastly, managers in supervisory roles can utilize the Compliance Module for real-time transaction review. Once a firm’s business rules have been configured, Pre and Post Trade report analysis highlights trades that need further review.
mtv-screenshotWith Regulators creating the first best-execution rule for transactions in municipal securities in the form of the MSRB’s Rule G-18.  The best-execution rule requires brokers, dealers and municipal securities dealers (dealers) to use reasonable diligence to ascertain the best market for the subject security and buy or sell in that market so that the resultant price to the customer is as favorable as possible under prevailing market conditions. Further, associated regulations specific to Fair and Reasonable Pricing, as well as Mark-up require a tool that provides price transparency on each transaction and a means to document for business and regulatory reasons. MuniTRADEVIEW is a modern best practice solution to address Best Execution.

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