BAM Advisor Services Pioneers DPC DATA Disclosure Solutions In the Registered Investment Advisor Realm

BAM Advisor Services Pioneers DPC DATA Disclosure Solutions In the Registered Investment Advisor Realm (pdf version)

Information services add research efficiency and local bond-related news To enhance municipal bond portfolio management

Roseland, NJ (USA) – April 9, 2012 – DPC DATA, provider of information solutions to municipal bond traders, advisors and investors, today announced that St. Louis-based BAM Advisor Services, which provides back-office support for more than 120 independent Registered Investment Advisor firms across the country, is the first RIA-supporting firm to integrate MuniPOINTS® and MuniGUARD® News into its operations.

“Both these solutions make good sense operationally and support our best practices in municipal bond portfolio management. With MuniGUARD News, we can access the most timely news available regarding local conditions and the financial health of obligors, supporting our current record in avoiding defaults,” said Al Sears, BAM principal-in-charge and director of fixed income. “MuniPOINTS offers us efficiencies in bond selection research and will help ensure appropriate bond purchases for their clients.”

Launched late last year and already well-received among top-tier and regional dealer firms, MuniGUARD News is the first news service designed to deliver municipal bond-related news in context to municipal market professionals. The service enables dealers and advisors to address their expanding regulatory requirements for pre-acquisition research and disclosure, as well as ongoing surveillance of holdings.

Built on proprietary intelligent technology, the MuniGUARD News Relevancy Index filters thousands of news stories daily from more than 580 local and regional sources, seeking connections with bond issues, including their obligors, issuers, locations and sectors. The results are presented to subscribers as a list of published stories related to a bond’s identifying CUSIP® numbers, with each story’s relevancy rank for that particular bond, and a click-through to the entire story.

MuniGUARD News is currently offered as an extension of the MuniPOINTS-based disclosure compliance solution, used today by more than 100,000 industry professionals. MuniPOINTS provides concise, bullet-pointed abstracts of key points extracted directly from final offering statements without analysis. With one-click access at a CUSIP listing on desktop applications,

BAM Advisor Services Select DPC DATA Solutions

MuniPOINTS documents expedite research and investment selection, and are easy to forward to advisors or investors for their review.

“We are delighted to welcome BAM Advisor Services as our first RIA-related customer for DPC DATA’s disclosure solutions,” said Michael Ruvo, president of DPC DATA. “The fiduciary role of RIAs creates regulatory obligations that are even more stringent in some aspects than those faced by dealers of municipal bonds. In this demanding environment, the information and efficiencies provided by MuniGUARD News and MuniPOINTS not only assist in meeting those responsibilities, but do so in fully integrated, auditable processes.”

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DPC DATA Inc., founded in 1992, is the leading provider of disclosure-related data products and specialized data services to the municipal industry. Its customers include more than 600 financial institutions and information intermediaries. DPC DATA is a privately held firm, headquartered in Roseland, NJ. For more information please visit or e-mail us at

MuniPOINTS and MuniGUARD are registered trademarks of DPC DATA Inc. CUSIP is a registered trademark of the American Bankers Association.

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